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This picture doesn’t do the dress, or me, any favours. But, I know that you will believe me when I tell you that it is lovely, comfortable and easy to wear.

I have to say that it’s been quite a morning, not only could I not get a good shot of the dress, but my darling computer is playing up and it will not allow me to type the designer’s name in without changing it.  It’s decided that there isn’t anyone with a name that starts with a G, has a middle letter O and last letter K. I didn’t even try to type in his surname… Grrrrrrrrr, don’t you just love technology? (And for the technically minded out there; yes, I did try to take auto correct spelling off.)

Anyway, the designer in question is of oriental descent, and designs for TU Sainsbury’s. I hope that I’ve given you enough clues.

The dress met with the family’s approval this morning, so it must be OK.

See you all soon. Ax